Clioud, fast files sharing from the CLI to your browsers.


I always need to upload a file (patch, image, ...) to share it with people on IRC, Hangout or anything. But I don't want something such as Dropbox or Drive to share them, I want them to be on my personal server.

This is where Clioud enter in the game. It's a server + client to quickly upload files from a desktop to some servers and to share them during a given amount of time.


  • Server receiving / serving the files,
  • CLI client to send the files,
  • Link to share and link to delete an uploaded file,
  • TTL to automatically delete files after a given amount of time,
  • (Optional) Secret shared key in client/server during communication,
  • (Optional) TLS support.


Done in ~9 hours as I don't have the whole week free to work on the challenge, but still, the result is great and will totally fill my needs. Next step will be integration in desktops for people not using the CLI.

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